Our Story

La Summa Cucina Italiana

Barbara Summa Sullivan

From the time I can remember, while I was growing up in this Italian neighborhood, the North End of Boston, my grandmother, Crocefissa Barbara Summa, was a great influence in my life.

It was at her dinner table that I learned of friendship and love, and by her side I discovered the art of Italian cooking. I learned it all begins with the best ingredients to bring out the simplicity of flavors of Sicilian cuisine as well as the many various regions throughout Italy.

So, in 1983, when I opened my restaurant, it was a natural and loving choice to name it after my grandmother. At that time she was still with us and enjoyed coming here to help and converse with our guests. She would sit with pride in the small dining room and assist with minor chores while making sure our guests were properly served.

Today she is no longer at my side, but her love and spirit never ceases to guide me.

It pleases me that you selected to dine at La Summa. I know that your experience will be warm and pleasant, with culinary pleasures.